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OPTe Solutions is here to help you meet the challenges presented to your organization in auditing and implementing a compliant approach to the General Data Protection Regulation.
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What is GDPR Compliance?

The GDPR is a piece of European legislation that recently came into effect on May 25, 2018. While the regulation strictly concerns privacy and data collection of EU citizens, its effects will be wide-reaching. The GDPR concerns everyone.

You can read the full text of the GDPR, as well as the European Commission’s summary.

What does this mean for us?

This means that your organisation needs to comply to the rights given to EU citizens that visit or use your website for collecting data that could identify them.

This can be, but not limited to:

  • Names
  • Physical addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Identification numbers
  • Transactional information
  • Financial information
  • Email addresses

How do I know if we are collecting personal data?

If you have a WordPress website then it is highly likely you are collecting personal data and subject to the GDPR.

Methods your website is collecting identifiable personal data:

  • User Accounts
  • Contact Forms
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Server Logs
  • Security Plugins
  • Payment Gateways

What Happens with Non-Compliance?

Your company can be based anywhere in the world, but if you process any personal data coming from EU citizens you must be compliant with GDPR. If not, you are liable to face heavy fines:

“Under GDPR organizations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). This is the maximum fine.”EUGDPR

While it’s likely that the EU commission will issue warnings first to internet companies such as Facebook or Google, Director’s of international businesses and non-profit organizations have an obligation and fiduciary duty to implement the changes required for compliance with the GDPR.

Data Protection, Compliance, and Liabilities − Why Directors Must Care –

Responsibilities for Organizations:

  • Get Clear Consent Before Collecting Data
  • Explain Data Usage In Privacy Policy & ToS
  • Protect Data by Design
  • Process Data Securely
  • Give Security Breach Notifications

Rights Granted to EU Citizens by GDPR:

  • Access Personal Data
  • Understand Why You Collect This Data
  • Rectify Any Errors
  • Erase Data
  • Object To Data Usage

How can OPTe Solutions Help?

OPTe Solutions’ GDPR WordPress Compliance Service can provide you the expertise needed to make your organization’s website GDPR compliant. We have a deep knowledge of what action to take as we have provided GDPR solutions for client websites around the world, including our ownAbout OPTe

The OPTe GDPR-ization Process

Assess Website & Policies

The first step we take after receiving confirmation of your order is to audit your website and identify where you are collecting personal data.

During this process, we find in what ways you and any third-party plugins or services are collecting, storing, using, and sharing user data. We will also check all cookies and submission forms, as well as your current privacy policy and terms of service.

Assessment Notice + Recommended Actions

Following the website audit, we analyze the results to then propose on what actions to implement and other recommendations for your company site to become GDPR compliant.

We then email you our assessment report with our findings, proposed actions, and other recommendations for you to consider. You will have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to our findings and recommendations.


This is when we put our proposed actions in place!  We will provide you a WordPress boilerplate privacy policy with suggested text and technical disclosures pertaining to your website.   We will replace unsupported plugins with GDPR supported ones, activate cookie consent, and configure another for responding to personal data requests.  And finally, we will make final recommendations on implementing your renewed policy and actions you may consider taking to support that policy.


The GDPR WordPress Compliance Service is USD $250.00. Optionally you can order the Partial Service ($100) and decide after our Assessment if you want to proceed with the Full Service implementation.

Ready to Order?

Upon ordering, you will receive a confirmation email, restating the details and steps of our GDPR WordPress Compliance Service and payment instructions. We will notify you and begin the audit of your site within 48 hours after receipt of payment.

What You Get

Partial Service

  • Full Site Audit Concerning Data Collection and Privacy
  • Policy Review
  • Assessment Notice
  • Recommended Actions

Plus – Full Service

  • Site Specific GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy
  • Configure and Design Cookie Consent Feature
  • Replace Unsupportive Plugins
  • Data Request Process
  • Further Recommendations