We’ve built hundreds of websites over the years.

Nonprofits, hotels, restaurants, online shops, social enterprises, small businesses, software companies, and more. You name it, we’ve done it.

In that time, we’ve refined our website design process and made it as simple as possible.

We’re often asked how it works.

What goes into creating my website? Do you need anything from me? How long will it take to get my website online? Can you get me to the top of Google?

We thought it would be helpful to explain our approach to running web design projects. Are you wondering why you need a website?

The web development methodologies we use

We use one of the following development methods for all our website projects:

  • Waterfall Development
  • Agile Development

Waterfall development breaks down all project activities into linear phases. Each phase depends on the deliverables of the previous one.

Agile development emphasizes short, repeat cycles of building and testing to arrive at the final product.

Both methods have pros and cons.

Due to the repeat testing and building cycles, agile development is more expensive. Most project delays we encounter occur when using the waterfall development method. Usually from not receiving the necessary content.

We’ve used both the agile and waterfall development methods for our web projects. The choice is up to you, the client.

Our website design process

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Send Proposal
  3. Project Meeting
  4. Content Preparation
  5. Website Creation
  6. Correction Loops
  7. Go Live
  8. Website Management

Step 1. Initial Consultation

Meet with us and tell us more about you and your business. We want to get a deeper understanding of your business and goals. During your free project consultation, we’ll discuss:

  • Which services will help you reach your business objectives
  • The scope of your project
  • Your overall budget

To begin preparing a detailed proposal for your business, we’ll be asking tons of questions.

  • Do you have high-quality images?
  • Have you already designed a logo?
  • Have you developed style guides or any existing branding?
  • Will you be writing your own content or will we?
  • What are some websites you like and some that you don’t?
  • Do you have a domain name?

Step 2. Send Proposal

We get the team together to talk about your business and objectives. We develop a strategy that aligns with your needs and budget. We condense it all down into a custom proposal that gets sent on over to you for review.

Step 3. Project Meeting

Let’s get ready to kick off your project during our second meeting!

This time we’ll be reviewing your custom proposal together. Once we’ve come to an agreement and you’ve made a deposit, we’ll schedule in your project. We’ll set a time frame for project completion and ask you for any materials we may need.

Step 4. Content Preparation

A project manager will be working with you to collect all available content (branding, written, visual). This may involve an interview with a content writer or hiring a professional photographer.

Step 5. Website Creation

Custom Websites
We create screen designs of your website and send them over for review. Once approved, we build the website.

Budget Websites
We customize your chosen predesigned website to reflect your brand and business.

Step 6. Correction Loops

We go through a testing phase to make sure all website features function properly. During this time, we also ensure complete mobile responsiveness across your website.

When we’re done, we’ll send the site over to you for review. Go over your content and design thoroughly; if something isn’t quite right, tell us what you would like to change. We’ll make the edits.

Step 7. Go Live

Correction loops are complete
You love your website
Final payment has been made

It’s time to go live! Share your brand new website with friends, customers, and everyone on social media!

Step 8. Website Management & Other Services

Websites are dynamic and always changing—you need someone you can count on for support. We have two web service plans for you to choose from. These service plans include:

  1. Website Management
  2. We monitor, optimize, and maintain your website and its tools.

  3. Professional Services
  4. Training on how to use your website. Consultations on how to improve your online presence. Reporting to understand how your site is performing and where users are coming from.

  5. Support
  6. Website and email support.

Full details on our web service plans.

We offer a range of online marketing services to develop your online presence, grow your website traffic, and capture more leads!

How long does your website development process take?

The project time frame depends on your website requirements and our current work schedule. Once we begin working on a web project and have most of the necessary content, it takes no longer than six to eight weeks.

In our experience, hold-ups are almost always related to receiving visual and written content.

If you’re planning on preparing content yourself, you must have it organized and ready-to-go. When you don’t and you send content in bits and pieces it holds up our entire workflow.

When this happens, we may decide to move your project to our on-hold schedule and begin working with other clients in the meantime. Once you’re in our on-hold schedule, we’ll restart work on your project when we have open slots.

We have an experienced content team whose sole purpose is to create, manage, and optimize content. You don’t have to prepare everything yourself. We know you’re busy and need to focus on your business.

What’s next?

That’s our simple eight-step approach to website development projects.

Sounds good, right?

If you’re ready to take the first step, get in touch today and let’s set up a call or meeting.