Emerging markets in Southeast Asia are rapidly developing their digital infrastructure and Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing economies in the region.

With that, Cambodia is becoming more connected than ever. More and more business owners are realizing the difference a website makes for their business.

We’ve noticed an increased interest in building online stores and other businesses that require digital payments.

Having an eCommerce shop in Cambodia used to be difficult.

Today, it’s easier than ever to open your digital store and receive payments online in Cambodia thanks to a growing list of available payment gateways.

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What’s the best payment gateway for your eCommerce business?

Our tools of choice when it comes to building online shops is the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a popular and powerful tool that powers around 28% of all online shopping experiences. It works amazingly well for small to large-sized online merchants.

To receive payments for your goods, you’ll need a payment gateway plugin that works both with your website and payment methods in Cambodia.

It’s important to choose the best payment gateway for your online store.

The key points to think about when choosing a payment gateway

First, think about your user’s experience. Does the payment gateway you’ve chosen support your target customer’s ideal payment methods? If it doesn’t and paying for your goods is complicated, you will lose sales. The right payment gateway makes it easy for customers to pay for your products.

Another factor to consider are fees. Fees differ depending on the payment gateway, and some will charge a monthly fee or setup fee. Sometimes even both. Make sure to also check their refund fees and chargeback policies.

Some payment providers will require you to have your own merchant account. A merchant account is a special type of bank account that allows you to receive money from debit and credit cards. It’s different from your regular business bank account.

Other payment providers like PayPal and Stripe offer a combined payment gateway and merchant account.

Here are some of the key points you must pay attention to when choosing your payment gateway in Cambodia.

  • Accepted Currencies
  • Available Countries
  • Associated Fees
  • WooCommerce Integration

The best online payment service providers in Cambodia

Payment systems if you have a Cambodian Bank Account

For those who have a registered company in Cambodia, you can open a business bank account that supports a credit card payment gateway. Below are our top four payment gateway options.

1. PayWay by ABA Bank

payway is aba banks payment gateway for cambodians

ABA Bank’s PayWay is the current leader in Cambodian payment technology and our preferred provider for eCommerce websites. We have integrated ABA PayWay with WooCommerce on several client websites.

They have an easy-to-use mobile app for banking customers and accept all major credit cards. Transaction fees will vary depending on the payment method. The fees are generally around 3.6% to 3.8% of the transaction.

Check ABA PayWay

Key Points: On-site checkout. No hidden costs. Accepts major credit and debit cards.

2. Acleda Bank

One of the first and largest banks in Cambodia, Acleda have always had a strong presence in Cambodia’s banking sector.

To register for Acleda’s eCommerce payment gateway you will have to visit a location with the following required documents: identification of account owner, company’s manager, shareholder or partner, the memorandum and articles of association, the certificate of registration.

Check Acleda Bank

Key Points: On-site checkout. No hidden costs. Accepts major credit and debit cards. 

3. Cathay United Bank

Cathay United Bank was the first bank to offer an online gateway in Cambodia. You will have to contact them directly for more information. One thing that we do know is that fees can be quite high.

Check Cathay United Bank

Key Points: Accepts major credit and debit cards.

4. Skrill

skrill is a popular payment gateway worldwide

Skrill allows you to quickly transfer your money safely and in a cost-effective way. You’re able to access your eWallet funds easily with the Skrill PrePaid MasterCard, move your money to merchants, and pay at over 130,000 merchants worldwide. Skrill is growing very fast thanks to their simple and efficient online payment solution.

You can do a SWIFT transfer to withdraw straight to your Cambodian bank account. If your Skrill account is setup in US Dollars you will lose money during currency conversion. Different account types have different fees and withdrawal limits. We recommend Skrill only for small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses.

Check Skrill

Key Points: Off-site checkout. Accepts major credit and debit cards.

Payment systems if you have a Foreign Bank Account

If possible, you can setup a foreign bank account and then use the PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net online payment methods.

1. PayPal

You can use PayPal to pay or get paid and send or receive money worldwide. This is a popular option as it is widely accepted across 203 countries and regions. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer money or link your account to a Cambodian bank account. There’s no PayPal in Cambodia at this time.

To find the services available for your country, go to the following page and select your country of residence. We recommend always having a PayPal payment option on your website!

Check PayPal

Key Points: Off-site and on-site checkout for UK, US, and Canada to holders of a PayPal Pro merchant account. Accepts all major credit and debit cards.

2. Stripe

stripe is a popular payment gateway worldwide

Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs! You only get charged when you earn money. Earnings are transferred directly to your bank account on a seven-day rolling basis. However, Stripe is only available for businesses in 25 countries. Unfortunately, there’s no support for Stripe in Cambodia at this time.

Stripe supports subscriptions and re-using cards. When a user pays, they’re designated in Stripe as a customer. When creating another order, they can quickly checkout using the same card. This is a massive time saver for returning customers.

Check Stripe

Key Points: On-site checkout. Accepts American Express and/or all major credit and debit cards including Apple Pay for mobile and desktop.

3. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is the most widely-used payment gateway to process on-site payments. The payment service accepts all major credit cards.

However, your business must be based in the United States, Canada, UK, EU, or Australia. You will also need to have a merchant account setup in order to signup.

Check Authorize.Net

Key Points: On-site checkout. Accepts American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa Checkout, and/or all major credit and debit cards.

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